Breaking the Habit: All About Drug Rehab

…By choosing an outpatient detox program, a client can complete this necessary step without having to check into a hospital or long-term residential facility. He or she will also have the advantage of the support of family and friends. The process may be less stressful if support is being provided by familiar faces who know the client well…
Substance Abuse Treatment Must Address More Than Just Drug Use

Enable Me To Death | Chapter 7

Learn to deal with the fact you are not a perfect person, but you are a person that deserves RESPECT and HONESTY


Professional Intervention VS Law Enforcement Intervention Understanding drug and alcohol interventions… People who have a family member or friend suffering from the disease of addiction often don’t know where to turn. They are hopeful that each crisis will pass and life will go on. However, they would know how to react if their loved one appeared to be suffering from a broken bone, an asthma attack, acute appendicitis, symptoms of diabetes, a heart attack, a stroke, maybe even a suspected eating disorder or depression.

Drug Alcohol Rehab Blog: Professional Intervention VS Law Enforcement Intervention


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How To Quit Smoking For Good – Second Breath Recovery Smoking Program inShare
Smoking is a hard habit to break, as anyone who has tried to give up cigarettes knows only too well. Nicotine, one of the main ingredients in tobacco, is a highly addictive drug. It triggers the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that helps smokers feel calmer and more alert at the same time. The nicotine is absorbed through the lining of the skin in the mouth and nose, and it only takes about 10 seconds of inhaling to peak in the bloodstream.

How To Quit Smoking For Good | Second Breath Recovery Smoking Program


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